7310 Miramar Road
Case Study

7310 Miramar Road

  • Iconic flagship building located in Central San Diego, called “San Diego Innovation Center”
  • Recent ownership changed prompted the repurposing of the property from traditional retail into a technology center / incubator
  • Campus style property featuring a gym, reastaurant & bar, and large common area with an open atrium
  • Building has mixed internal archiecture including exposed and lowered grid ceilings
  • 7310 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126
  • Built in 1992 (last rennovated in 2008)
  • 131,218 sqft across 6 floors
  • 200+ stall underground parking
450+ Fixtures Installed
$20K Cost Savings (vs. Local Bids)
$33K Estimated Annual Energy Savings
1.9x Year Payback
TR SeriesA tunable white fixture was needed for floors 2-4 since each tenant had different requirements for color temperature.
HPL SeriesManagement wanted an architectural fixture to highlight the open celing on the first floor of a shared workspace that houses a technology incubator
WA SeriesUsed to update the stairwells. Ordered with integrated emergency backup for egress