2251 Rutherford Road
Case Study

2251 Rutherford Road

  • Family owned office building with history of mixed use.
  • A change in tenant resulted in a full refresh of the entire property (interior & exterior).
  • Title 24 considerations were key drivers in selection of lighting package.
  • Built in 1984
  • Class B property
  • 2.53 acre Lot
  • 15K ft total office space
  • Mix of office, lab and storage
97 Fixtures
$16K Cost Savings (vs local bids)
5 Valriya Product Categories

Management’s budget was exceeded during the general construction phase, and the GC was instructed to find a better value lighting package that still offered high performance with architectrual design.  Valriya was selected as an alternate package.

HPL SeriesA total of 66 8ft HPL fixtures were installed in the primary office space.
RHB Series12 Round High Bay fixtures were used across the storage facilities
ALA SeriesThe ALA Series were used to replace 400W MH fixtures outside. The area lights were paired with Valriya sensors for additional energy savings.
SensorsThe BRI823 sensor was selected for automatic turn on and shutoff, in addition to great energy savings due to the integrated occupancy sensor