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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you standard warranty terms?

Our standard warranty term is 5 years, however some products come with a 7 year standard warranty.  For full details on our warranty please follow this link.  We do offer extended warranty programs (upon request) for projects with specific requirements.  Reach out to our team for more details.

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are sold exclusively through electrical distribution.  We do not sell direct to end users, contractors, building owners, facility managers or anyone else that is outside of traditional electrical distribution.  Our products are carried through a broad national network of distributors which is continually expanding.  Use our Where to Buy tool to find the nearest distributor to you.

Are your products UL Listed?

All of our products meet UL listing requirements and testing standards.  The majority of our products are listed under the UL mark (US & Canada), with several of our lines listed under the ETL mark (also US & Canada).  ETL tests to the same standards as UL and their certification has the same recognition since both are Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.

Are your products rebate eligible?

LED fixtures provide a signficant cost savings over traditional incandescnet, CFL, MH and HPS bulbs.  Because of this, multiple State and Federal funded programs have been established up to incentivize the upgrade to LED.  Please check your local State programs and with utility providers to see if you are elegible to participate.  Depending on where you are located, a DLC listing may be required in order to be eligible.  A full listing of our DLC listed products can be found online at

Where are your products made?

Our manufacturing partners have global operations spanning from North America to Asia.  Our LED packages are made predominently in Taiwan, Japan and China.  The final assembly of our fixtures is completed in mainland China.  We also offer in-house cutomization and modifications in our San Diego, CA facility.